Intro and Overview

This guide provides a general overview of the Curity Identity Server. It is indented to be read by any user regardless of role. It includes requisite knowledge for developers, system administrators, development team, architects, business analysts, and others who are involved in designing and deploying an Identity Management System (IMS). It provides an explanation of key concepts, and explains ideas that every reader needs to understand before reading other, more detailed guides. You can think of this guide as a sort of Curity Identity Server for Dummies. For the impatient and for those who learn by doing, this guide also includes a Getting Started section that will take you from soup to nuts in as short of time as possible. If you prefer learning by doing:

If you would rather read up on all the theory before diving in to any software:

If you do take the time to go through the manuals in whichever way that suites your learning style, you will be on your way to deploying and utilizing the Curity Identity Server to its fullest potential!

Section Contents