Curity Identity Server Docker Images

This page describes the stable, supported releases of the Curity Identity Server. The docker images are hosted Azure Container Registry.

Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links

How to use this image

This image can be used as a throw away container or as a base image to build other images off of.

Run a Docker container

docker run -e PASSWORD=<ADMIN_USER_PASSWORD> -p 6749:6749

Use as a base image

Create a Dockerfile

# specify the base image with your desired version curity/idsvr:<version>
# mount in any resources (templates, messages, plugins etc)
COPY customize-curity/templates/overrides /opt/idsvr/usr/share/templates/overrides
COPY customize-curity/messages/overrides /opt/idsvr/usr/share/messages/overrides
# remove any languages you don't want to support 
RUN rm -r /opt/idsvr/usr/share/messages/core/sv
# Copy over any plugins and/or configuration
COPY customize-curity/plugins/custom-authenticator.jar /opt/idsvr/usr/share/plugins/some-plugin-group/custom-authenticator.jar
COPY customize-curity/config /opt/idsvr/etc/init

Use docker-compose

version: '3.2'
- MODE=admin
- SERVER_ROLE=default
- PASSWORD=Password1
    - 6749:6749
    - 8443:8443
    - ./customize-curity/config/config.xml:/opt/idsvr/etc/init/config.xml
    - ./customize-curity/templates/overrides:/opt/idsvr/usr/share/templates/overrides
    - ./customize-curity/messages/overrides:/opt/idsvr/usr/share/messages/overrides

You can find a more detail guide on how to setup multiple nodes in docker-compose here.

Generate cluster-conf.xml

docker run -e CONFIG_SERVICE_HOST=<ADMIN_HOSTNAME_OR_IP> --entrypoint="/opt/idsvr/bin/genclust" > cluster-conf.xml


The software running in the Docker images is licensed by Curity AB.

More Information

Please visit for more information about the Curity Identity Server.